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Thanksgiving is here! 💗


In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m sure that most of us are jotting down grocery lists, prepping the turkey, and are anticipating an appreciable festivity. As the holiday approaches, I have compiled a list of holiday content for you all to enjoy! I hope everyone has a wonderful break!


Think about some of your favorite dishes that you enjoy eating at the dining room table with your loved ones. Which side dish do you prefer? I’m sure that we are all ecstatic to indulge in some delicious Thanksgiving spreads. Personally, I have a great liking for macaroni and cheese with candied yams. It is the perfect sweet and savory combination!


As Thanksgiving gatherings can be food centered, I’ve crafted a list of convivial activities. Let’s be real, the holiday season should be focused on spending time with your friends and family. Which Thanksgiving activities do you find entertaining?

  • Watch family videos – Take time to reminisce with your circle. This year, my family is going to play old VHS tapes (remember these??) of some of our childhood memories that were captured on film. I haven’t seen myself on film as a baby, so I am so excited to watch them.

  • Play board games: Play a board game like Jenga. Jenga is so fun because you never know when you will knock over the wooden blocks. 

  • Mingle with loved ones – Have meaningful dialogues with people that bring you joy.

  • Play vibrant music – Play music that makes you feel good! I love playing Christmas music during Thanksgiving. Mariah Carey’s songs comes to mind when it comes to curating my playlist.

  • Write down at least 10 things you are grateful for – Write down things that you are thankful for. Feel free to share this with your friends and family or save it for when yourself. When you express your debt of gratitude, you t end to avoid complaining, which is a great way to start the day.  


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Macaroni and cheese: Shutterstock

Cornbread: Clipart

Salad: Canva

Dressing: Canva

Candied yams: Canva

Non-food related activities visuals: Canva

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