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As cheesy as it sounds, I love New Year’s resolutions! Although I set goals throughout the year, it is always nice to begin the year with the same energy.


To achieve my goals, I make them realistic and categorize them in my digital journal. For instance, I have a personal, financial, and professional categories where I list a multitude of short-term and long-term aspirations.


During 2021, I acquired a sense of satisfaction, which felt incredible! While I am elated, this is just the beginning. For 2022, I have already crafted a list of ambitions. One of my longings is to increase my sprint intervals by 10 minutes by March 1, 2022.


A useful tool for goal setting is the SMART mnemonic. This methodology makes goals tangible and practical.

S – Specific (or significant).

M – Measurable (or meaningful).

A – Attainable (or action-oriented).

R – Relevant (or rewarding).

T – Time-bound (or trackable).


As we kickoff 2022, I noted some wellness-oriented goals that I intend to follow. My goals include:

  • Continue to follow a workout plan  

  • Continue to meal prep

  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines

  • Increase water intake

  • Increase daily steps


This year, I have been challenging myself to dedicate at least 4-5 days at the gym, which results in 4-5 hours of physical activity each week. I am aiming to follow to continue to pursue my exercise plan by having upper body, leg, and full body workout days. Another goal of mine is to continue to meal prep. I honestly love meal prepping because it allows me to plan my meals ahead, which makes life less stressful. I always include protein (typically lean meat or fish), vegetables and rice or sweet potatoes. And I can’t go without my vitamins zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3 with K2. This year, I want to try more meal preps and to try to make them more aesthetically pleasing!

Additionally, I will continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines. As you may know, Omarion (Omicron variant) has been surging, so it is crucial that we continue to follow safety guidelines. This year, I switched to a KN95 mask since they have been proven to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission compared to cloth and surgical masks. I will also continue to get tested for COVID-19 (even though I am boosted/fully vaccinated). There has been a surge of knockoff masks, so it is best to purchase approved masks.


Moreover, I want to increase my daily water intake. Water is my go-to beverage 24/7, but I would like to drink at least two more cups of water every day. To enjoy my water, I will sometimes drink natural, sparkling water or I will add lemon to my water. I also LOVE ice, so I am trying to cut back on adding a lot of ice in my water. Similarly, I want to increase my daily steps, especially since it is too cold to walk outside for long periods. I plan to get my steps in by doing non-exercise activities such as cleaning.


Disclaimer: this is my personal experience, and it should not be substituted as medical advice.

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