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August is National Black Business Month.
August is National Black Business Month2

August is National Black Business Month! This month I am featuring an esteemed Chicagoland based catering company, Soul’d Out Catering! 


CEO and Founder, Alexis Brooks was inspired to create Soul’d Out Catering in 2018. In particular, she’s been meal prepping since 2018. The company’s distinct brand name stems from their confidence in the experience they offer to their clients. The brand personifies competence, excitement, and sophistication. 


Brooks’ love for cooking started after she reflected on her career path when she realized that cooking has been therapeutic on her worst days, so she left her full-time job and started catering. Brooks found that catering is the avenue that would propel her future into the best direction for her. 


Soul’d Out Catering not only provides nutritious, low carb options, but they also offer a variety of specialty dishes such as sweet chili stuffed peppers and Soul’d Out taco bowls. In addition, they offer many plant-based and lean meat options. Brooks, the company’s CEO expressed that her favorite dish is anything with salmon. Brooks stated, “My favorite meal prep to make would be anything that deals with salmon. I’m a ‘salmon fanatic.”


Soul’d Out Catering offers different meal prep options weekly with delivery and pick-up options. This definitely helps them distinguish themselves in the market! When it comes to meal preps, it can become tiring eating the same thing, so it is amazing that Soul’d Out Catering has a variety lunch and dinner options on a weekly basis. 


Some benefits of meal preps:

  • Helps with any fitness related goal 

  • Saves time

  • Prevents worries about last minute decisions on what to eat

  • Provides nutritious, balanced meals

  • Helps with portion control


Recently, I have started ordering their meal preps and I wasn’t disappointed! For order inquiries, visit their Instagram page:


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