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Self-care is everything 💅🏾

Recently, I have experienced a lot of burnouts, so I try to do some self-care every day.


While I still practice self-care activities such as doing my skincare routine or even getting my nails done. Daily, I have been more intentional about my mental health. This means, I have been aligning myself with fruitful activities that take my mind away from stress.


These activities help me with burn out:

  • Blogging: I’m very passionate about blogging about fitness. As you know, I started my blog three years ago, which led to me dedicating my life to my fitness journey. It’s not easy, but I’m enjoying discussing different topics each month.

  • Watching any of the Real Housewives Franchises: I love keeping up with reality shows because it is an escapist and entertaining for me. I love watching some of my faves give their reads and the satirical nature of the shows have me hooked. However, I only watch the shows 2-3 times per week

  • Walks in the park: Since I work from home (until my job returns in-person): I’ve enjoyed getting some fresh air outside. It also allows me to increase my daily steps, which is another plus. I’m able to clear my head and not focus on any stress.

  • Daily exercise: I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times per week, which is a rejuvenating experience. I try to mix up my workouts and try some a new exercise machine, so I don’t get too comfortable. I love listening to my favorite artists when I’m working out. It’s just an amazing experience.

  • Using the mute feature across platforms: The best way that I relax is by muting certain words on social media and/or taking social media breaks. Let’s be real, there’s always some drama and/or harmful content on platforms, so it’s best to curate a timeline that creates value.  


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