Wow, I cannot believe that 2021 is almost over! This year flew by, and I’ve been enjoying listening to new and seasoned artists during my daily workouts. In fact, I can’t even imagine working out without music. A few weeks ago, I thought I left my AirPods at home, so I drove home to retrieve them. That’s how serious it is.


I have a fondness for music because there are many ways that music enhances my workout experience. Music curates a “rhythm response” in which people tend to move to the beat of the music. I know when I am on the stair machine, I move to the music’s beat. During a gym session, I tend to alternate between upbeat songs and slow songs. When I am lifting weights, I have the tendency to listen to R&B music, which helps me focus on my form and reps. On the other hand, I listen to lively songs when I am doing cardio, which allows me to focus on my endurance and speed.


I also have various artists that often boost my mood when I am exercising. When I listen to Beyoncé or Megan Thee Stallion no one can tell me anything. I feel on top of the world, and it motivates me to finish my workout. Because it enhances my mood, it also helps me decompress and relieve stress. When I am at the gym, I don’t think about my long to-do lists. This is something that brings me joy. It’s a distraction and a great escape from reality.


My 2021 Top Artists:

  • Beyoncé

  • Megan Thee Stallion

  • Brandy

  • Sza

  • Chloe X Halle

  • Normani

  • Earth Wind & Fire

  • Wizkid

  • Keyshia Cole

  • Doja Cat


Who are your 2021 top artists? 🎤💕 To participate in the discussion, visit my Instagram page.


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