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For the past few weeks, I have been raising awareness on the atrocities that have been occurring in Nigeria. 🇳🇬 Our people deserve better and what has been occurring is inhumane. In light of the #ENDSARS protests, I would like to share a few self care tips because the burnout has been real. 


Here are a few self care tips for Nigerians:


⁃ listen to lively music

⁃ Watch funny videos

⁃ Unplug from social media

⁃ Stay hydrated

⁃ Drink some tea

⁃ Get some rest 


Remember that all Black Lives Matter everywhere and Nigerian LGBTQ+ lives matter too! 💗 so let’s continue to support how we can. 


I have also provided links to how you can support Nigeria during this time. Additionally, I have included some mental health resources, which can be found here.

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