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Happy Bi+ Awareness Week to my fellow Bi folks!! 💖💜💙 I tried to use fruit that resembles the Bi flag!


Raspberries = 💖

Grapes = 💜

Blueberries = 💙


It’s finally Bi+ Awareness Week (September 16-23)!!! This week, I’m excited to celebrate my community.


Many are aware that I am very passionate when it comes to being vocal about my queerness and what it means to me. For me, my queerness is the epitome of being unapologetically me!


As we know, there are many misconceptions about bisexuality. Many assume that bisexuality is binary. Bisexuality isn’t binary because gender and sex aren’t binary. It’s salient to note that trans folks can also be bisexual, not just cis folks. Bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders.


As you can see, there is a lot of diversity that exists within the Bi+ community, especially amongst us Black Bi folks.

Additional resources for bi folks:


Resources for LGBTQ+ allies:


Black queer & trans funds to support:


A version of the Bisexual Flag with brown and black stripes, which was inspired

by the Philadelphia Pride Flag


Bisexual flag designed by Michael Page in 1998

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