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My name is Zoë Ihaza and I am a fitness blogger who started her fitness journey on June 19, 2018. Currently, I am working on the weight maintenance phase of my fitness journey. Nutrition and fitness truly changed my life after losing thirty-six pounds of body fat.



Additionally, I am encouraging people to start their fitness journey. For my daily Instagram posts, I always use the phrase “sweat it out.” This phrase is used to motivate others to complete their workouts. Every morning, I also post inspirational quotes as I enjoy spreading positivity. One of my favorite things to post about are meal and snack ideas. When I am not at the gym or meal prepping, you can find me scrolling through social media, having brunch with friends or spending quality time with my sisters.


As a person who is passionate about health and wellness, I started by encouraging my immediate circle to make lifestyle changes and now, they have implemented nutrition and fitness in their daily lives. I especially love working out with my mother or my sisters during the holidays. Having them tag along makes exercising fun. At times, I enjoy helping my mom meal prep for the week. Three essential parts of my meal preps are vegetables, protein, and sometimes a starch such as roasted sweet potatoes.