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My name is Zoë Ihaza and I am 25 years old. In addition to my affinity for fitness, I am a Public Relations and Advertising professional. My expertise is in market research, integrated marketing communications, and more. I am a proud graduate of DePaul University (Blue Demons), where I earned the following degrees in a five-year program: 

- Master of Arts, MA - June 2021

- Bachelor of Arts, BA - June 2020


I encourage people to "sweat it out"by starting their fitness journey. Similarly, I spread positivity by posting inspirational quotes.


When I am not at the gym or meal prepping, you can find me scrolling through social media, having brunch with friends or spending quality time with my family.


My mantra is "Sweat It Out"


As a person who is passionate about health and wellness, I started by encouraging my immediate circle to make lifestyle changes. As a result, they have implemented nutrition and fitness in their daily lives. 


At times, I enjoy helping my mom meal prep for the week. Three essential parts of my meal preps are vegetables, protein, and sometimes a starch such as roasted sweet potatoes.



Take a look at my fitness journey!

June 2018 - present

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